Dashboard Overview
To maintain compliance with MSHA’s training requirements the MSHA Training Tracker 2.0 is able to:

  • Display each employees training record
  • Alert administrator(s) when each employee’s training will expire.
  • You can search by task as to which employee is trained.
  • Print all training records in MSHA’s required certificate format.
  • Signatures can be digitized and stored

Corrective Action

  • Daily workplace examinations allow your company to identify defective areas in the mine.
  • Pre-built exams are available. The exams can be modified for your specific mine.
  • Reports can be sent to the administrator(s) of any defects and what corrective action was taken.
  • Training can be uploaded by all assigned administrator(s).

The cloud-based MSHA Training Tracker 2.0 allows users to access the program from any device with internet connection.