Dashboard Overview
To maintain compliance with MSHA’s training requirements the MSHA Training Tracker is able to:

  • Displays each employees training record
  • Alerts administrator(s) when each employee’s training will expire.
  • You can search by task as to which employee is trained.
  • Print all training records in MSHA’s required certificate format.
  • Signatures can digitized and stored

Corrective Action
Daily workplace examinations allow your company to indentify defective areas in the mine.

Pre-built exams are available. The exams can be modified for your specific mine.

Reports can be sent to the administrator(s) of any defects and what corrective action was taken.

Training can be uploaded by all assigned administrator(s).

The MSHA Training Tracker allows users to access the software with our without internet access. Internet is required when uploading new information. This can be done by accessing the company’s server.

Operating System Requirements
Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10