Take MSHA Training Tracker Everywhere

Mobile Features The MSHA Training Tracker allows users to access the program with or without internet service. Mine can access data that is available without internet access. Daily workplace exam defects are sent to the designated company administrator(s) instantly when internet is available.  

Comprehensive Training Tracker

The MSHA Training Tracker is a comprehensive software program which includes: Training Tracking New Miner Training Refresher Training Task Training Daily Workplace Exams All topics for training can be customized by the administrator. Alerts are sent to the administrator(s) when training is within designated day of expiration. Task training can be updated as the miner[…]

Easily document and comply

Web based for updates only.  Easy to use, meets the Part 46 and Part 48 a&b training documentation Enables organizations to achieve and document regulatory training compliance   Daily workplace exams allow companies to identify defective areas in the mine. Pre-built checklists (can be archived for any length of time) Exams can be modified for[…]